"STIC Ventures values its investors, people, and management transparency."

STIC Ventures, originally venture investment division of STIC Investments (founded in 1999), was established in July 2018. It aims to become the best venture capital manager in the region, to continue STIC Investments’ long legacy of success.

STIC Ventures invests in small and mid-sized venture companies with core technologies and new business models. The firm not only invests in Korea, but also in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

STIC Ventures tries its best to maximize corporate value of portfolio companies, through which we can provide high returns to our investors as well as contribute to the development of national economy and society.

STIC Ventures values its investors, people, and management transparency.

STIC VENTURES Leading Venture Capital
Investement in more than 300 tech-based SMEs, KRW 1.3 Trillion of Cumulative Fund Under Management, 10 Investment Professionals, Investor Oriented, Talent First, Transparent Management,  Distinctive Value-add Strategy, Enhance Enterprise Value,  Maximize Investors' Profit, Contribute to National Industry


  1. July, 2018 Establishment of STIC Ventures(July 16th 2018)
  2. December, 2017 Launched "STIC 4th Industrial Revolution Fund"
  3. December, 2014 Launched "STIC SME Platform Fund"
  4. December, 2011 Launched "STIC Pan-Asia Technology Fund"
  5. December, 2007 Launched "STIC Secondary Fund Ⅱ"
  6. May, 2007 Company Name Changed to "STIC Investments"
  7. December, 2006 Launched "STIC Pioneer Fund Ⅱ"
  1. October, 2005 Launched "STIC Secondary Fund Ⅰ", "KIF-STIC IT Fund"
  2. June, 2004 Launched "STIC Pioneer Fund Ⅰ" (participation of SEDCO, a Saudi Arabian wealth manager)
  3. December, 2003 Launched "STIC M&A Fund"
  4. September, 2002 Launched "KGIF Fund"
  5. March, 2001 Launched "STIC Partnership 11 Fund" (participation of Mitsubishi Corporation)
  6. July, 1999 Establishment of "STIC IT Investments"
    Appointed as an IT investment company by Ministry of Information and Communication



  • Dae Hwan Kwag CEO, Executive Managing Partner

    Dae Hwan Kwag CEO, Executive Managing Partner

    academic background
    B.A. in Economics, Seoul National University
    Head of Global Investments Division, National Pension Service of Korea
    Managing Director of PI/M&A, IBK Securities
  • David Jeong Deputy CEO (Co-CIO), Managing Partner

    David Jeong Deputy CEO (Co-CIO), Managing Partner

    academic background
    MBA., Seoul National University
    B.A. in French Literature, Seoul National University (Minor in Economics)
    Shinhan Bank
    Asset Management Division, Shinhan Life Insurance
  • Mik Park Deputy CEO (Co-CIO), Managing Partner

    Mik Park Deputy CEO (Co-CIO), Managing Partner

    academic background
    Visiting Researcher, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
    M.S./PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Seoul National University
    B.S. in Applied Biochemistry, Seoul National University
    Green Cross Venture Investment
    Samsung Venture Investment
  • Hyung Gun Park Head of Risk Management, Executive Managing Partner

    Hyung Gun Park Head of Risk Management, Executive Managing Partner

    academic background
    New York State Attorney
    Georgetown University Law Center, LL. M.
    B.A. in Law, Hanyang University
    Head of Legal Team, Samsung C&T Corporation
  • Kitae Kim Advisor, Operating Partner

    Kitae Kim Advisor, Operating Partner

    academic background
    M.S. in Chemical Engineering, KAIST
    B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University
    CEO, SK Innovation E&P
    Head of Biz Innovation, SK Innovation
    Head of TIC Greentech, CMS Business, SK Corporation

Investment Professionals

  • Seung Su Shin Executive Manager

    Seung Su Shin Executive Manager

    academic background
    B.A. in Economics, Yonsei University
    IPO Division, Hana Securities
    Corporate Finance Division, KGI Securities
  • Taehun John Kim Director

    Taehun John Kim Director

    academic background
    MBA, Pace Lubin School
  • Bora Chung Director

    Bora Chung Director

    academic background
    M.S. in Biological Science, KAIST
    B.S. in Biotechnology, Yonsei University
    Technology Strategy Team, Amorepacific
    Chief Researcher of Pharmaceutical/Bio/Cosmetics (Best Pharmaceutical/Bio Sector Analyst), Daishin Securities, Dongbu Securities, Hanwha Securities, Korea Investment & Securities
  • Hyun Cheol Tak Director

    Hyun Cheol Tak Director

    academic background
    M.S. in Architecture Engineering, Dong-A University
    Busan Technology Exchange, Busan Techno Park
    Investment Team, Green Busan Venture Investment Co., Ltd.
    Investment Team, BK Investment
  • Hanvit Chung Principal

    Hanvit Chung Principal

    academic background
    MBA., Seoul National University
    M.S. in Computer Science, Yonsei University
    Wireless Division, Samsung Electronics
  • Hyunsuk Lee Principal

    Hyunsuk Lee Principal

    academic background
    B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Yonsei University
    Wireless Division, Samsung Electronics
  • Sungjun Yoon Senior Associate

    Sungjun Yoon Senior Associate

    academic background
    MBA., Seoul National University
    B.F.A. in Product Design, Parsons School of Design
    Investment Team, Medytox Venture Investment
    Product Development Team, Oreganic Design

Management Professionals [Risk Management/Admin]

  • Dohaeng Lee Managing Director

    Dohaeng Lee Managing Director

    academic background · License
    B.A. in Business Administration, Yonsei University
    University Office, Sogang University
    Samjung Accounting Corporation
    Samil Accounting Corporation
  • Kee Taek Sung Attorney, Principal

    Keetaek Sung Attorney at law, Principal

    academic background · License
    Korea University Law School
    LL.B., Seoul National University
    Legal Department, Daishin Securities
  • Sunny Oh Manager

    Sunny Oh Manager

    academic background · License
    B.A. in Tax Accounting, Osan University


Investment Approach I Investment Trends

  • Changes in Industrial Paradigm: Algorithms based systems are being implemented with emerging technologies in various fields such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Big Data, Internet of Things(IoT) and Biotechnology.

  • With the rise of 4th industrial revolution, venture companies are emerging in various fields and playing an important role in the development of innovative technologies and industry paradigm.

STIC Invetment and Value-add
Fintech, Digital Contents, Security S/W, Intelligent Robot, New Materials, AI/Big DATA, 5G, Automous Car, Bio-Healthcare, Flexible Display, IoT, Semicon-ductor Automation Hyper-connectivity A.I.
The Age of Industry 4.0,
Shift in Industry &
Technology Paradigm
Appearance of Enterprises
with Innovative Technology
& ICT Convergence
Value-add Strategy,
Development of Unicorn
Reinforce Competitiveness
of Portfolio Companies
Maximize Fund Profitability

Investment Approach I Key Investment Strategy

  • (A) Investment in innovative technologies and new business models
  • (B) Investment in ICT and industrial convergence technologies
  • (C) Investment in industries related to 4th Industrial Revolution
Business Model
Manufacturing Companies Intelligence, Connectivity, Automation - ICT Tech/Industry Convergence, Software, Platform Convergence
  1. 1 Invest In Core-technology
  2. 2 Invest in companies focus in technology/industry convergence
  3. 3 Business Expansion in the Industry 4.0
  • 1 "Tech-Commercialization"
  • 2 "Tech-Convergence"
  • 3 "Tech-Expansion"

Fund Management

Originally as venture investment division of STIC Investments, STIC Ventures has been managing venture funds since 1999. STIC Ventures currently manages three venture funds amounting KRW 326.8 billion.

STIC Ventures focuses on one fund strategy. It plans to form various venture funds and sector funds to meet the needs of small and medium venture companies.

Cumulative AUM
(Unit : 100 Million WON) bar graph of under 200 billion won in 1999, under 400 billion won in 2002, 600 billion won in 2005, over 800 billion won and under ten thousand billion won in 2008,   over 100 billion won and under 12 thousand billion won in 2011, over ten thousand billion won and under 12 thousand billion won in 2014, over 12 thousand billion won and under 14 thousand billion won in 2018

Funds Under Management

  • Fund Name
    STIC Pan-Asia Technology Fund
    Fund Size :
    KRW 13.85 billion
    Establishment :
    December, 2011
    Expiration :
    December, 2019
    Key Investment Strategies :
    Venture companies in Pan-Asia region
  • Fund Name
    STIC SME Platform Fund
    Fund Size :
    KRW 80 billion
    Establishment :
    December, 2014
    Expiration :
    December, 2022
    Key Investment Strategies :
    Domestic SME ventures that aim to expand abroad
    Foreign companies that can partner and cooperate with domestic SMEs
  • Fund Name
    STIC 4th Industrial Revolution Fund
    Fund Size :
    KRW 108.3 billion
    Establishment :
    December, 2017
    Expiration :
    December, 2025
    Key Investment Strategies :
    SME ventures that focus in 4th Industrial Revolution related themes, Companies that are involved with K-ICT 10 Major Strategic Industries



  • Jangwon Tech logo

    Jangwon Tech

    Die Casting Parts
    Invested in December, 2013

  • Dongwoon Anatech logo

    Dongwoon Anatech

    AF Driver IC
    Invested in June, 2013

  • Suprema logo


    Biometric Technology
    Invested in February, 2007

  • Melfas logo


    Touch Screen IC
    Invested in January, 2006

  • Sapphire Technology logo

    Sapphire Technology

    Single Crystal Sapphire Ingot
    Invested in October, 2004

  • Mcnex logo


    Camera Module
    Invested in November, 2011

  • Telechips logo


    Digital Media Processor
    Invested in March, 2008

  • Coxem logo


    Scanning Electron Microscope
    Invested in August, 2018

ICT S/W, Service

  • Minwise logo


    Information Security Solution
    Invested in June, 2013

  • Forcs logo


    OZ e-Form Solution
    Invested in November, 2013

  • Kakao Kids logo

    Kakao Kids

    App for Infants & Children
    Invested in November, 2014

  • Kongdoo Company logo

    Kongdoo Company

    E-Sports Contents
    Invested in December, 2015

  • Everspin logo


    Mobile Security
    Invested in November, 2016

  • Saltlux logo


    Bigdata, AI
    Invested in April, 2015

  • Penta Security logo

    Penta Security

    Web Firewall, D/B Security
    Invested in February, 2016

  • Gong Games logo

    Gong Games

    Mobile Game
    Invested in December, 2016

  • Wadiz logo


    Crowdfunding Platform
    Invested in September, 2017

  • Ssenstone logo


    Integrated Authentication
    Invested in June, 2018

  • Reality MagiQ logo

    Reality MagiQ

    VR Contents
    Invested in July, 2018

  • Interstella logo


    Video AD Contents
    Invested in November, 2016

  • Wiseitech logo


    Big Data, Machine Learning,
    Invested in November, 2018

  • TogetherApps logo


    P2P Loan Brokerage
    Invested in January, 2019


  • Lncbio logo


    Skin Implantable Material
    Invested in April, 2016

  • Tium Bio logo

    Tium Bio

    New Drug Development
    Invested in May, 2018

  • MG med(Cancer Rop) logo

    MG med(Cancer Rop)

    Genetic Analysis
    Invested in September, 2016

  • Cellid logo


    New Drug Development
    Invested in August, 2016

  • Natural Way logo

    Natural Way

    Health Supplement ODM
    Invested in March, 2018

  • APR Corporation logo

    APR Corporation

    Functional Cosmetics
    Invested in June, 2018

  • Medytox logo


    Invested in August, 2006

  • i-sense logo


    Self Blood Glucose Meter
    Invested in January, 2008

  • Inventage Lab logo

    Inventage Lab

    MicroSphere Manufacturing
    Invested in June 2018

  • Genic logo


    Facial Mask
    Invested in June, 2006

  • vieworks logo


    CCD Detector
    Invested in June, 2006

  • MDimune logo


    Exosomes Anti Cancer Drug
    Invested in May, 2018

  • Curocell logo


    CAR T-Cell Therapy
    Invested in October, 2018

  • Bionetix logo


    New Drug Development
    Invested in September, 2018

  • Quratis logo


    Vaccine and Cell Therapy
    Invested in September, 2018


  • NC Chem logo

    NC Chem

    Polymer/Chemical for
    Invested in September, 2017

  • Wonik Materials logo

    Wonik Materials

    Specialty Gas for
    Electronic Materials
    Invested in May, 2011

  • ENF Tech logo

    ENF Tech

    Semiconductor Chemicals
    Invested in February, 2008

  • Desco logo


    Engineering Plastic
    Invested in June, 2012


  • Zoolung Zoolung logo

    Zoolung Zoolung

    Indoor Zoo
    Invested in July, 2018

  • Navcours logo


    Satellite/navigation module
    Invested in December, 2016

  • Mannacea logo


    Smart Farm
    Invested in November, 2017

  • Sparkplus logo


    Coworking and Office Space
    Invested in August, 2018

Foreign Companies

  • TIKI.VN logo


    Vietnamese Company
    Invested in March, 2018

  • YUSIN logo


    Taiwanese Company
    (Brake Module)
    Invested in January, 2013

  • S & T logo

    S & T

    Taiwanese Company(TPMS)
    Invested in December, 2016

  • I SERVE logo


    Malaysia Company(Airline Ticketing Service, Fintech)
    Invested in August, 2017


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